tipping made simple.

Payyd ™ is a digital platform for businesses to enable their staff to receive tips in a frictionless, cashless way, while gaining useful performance insights into their staff and business.

Providing a smarter alternative

Post Covid-19 payments are increasingly going digital, while more and more people are avoiding cash. The declining use of cash is affecting those who rely on tips (waiters, valets, housekeeping, delivery etc.)

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Unleash the power of simplicity

A powerful yet simple platform that allows venues to create, manage, and analyze all their data in one place. Easily integrate with the venue's payment gateway and initiated in minutes.

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create, manage and analyze

Powerful Features

Arms’ Length: Users don’t need to exchange contact information for transactions

Intuitive Dashboard: Simple & Innovative Platform supercharged with powerful analytics & reporting.

No Intermediation: Businesses can link their own payment processor and get paid directly to their account

Light & Frictionless: Payyd works instantly without the need for an app or sign-ups 

Cost-Effective: No transaction fees charged by Payyd

Empower your staff.

Empower staff to receive tips and gain performance insights on staff and venues

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Platform for venues

Join our beta program and get early access to be one of the first to provide your staff and customers with this powerful tool. Built-in reporting and data analytics capabilities give you deeper insights into your service operations while offering staff rewards, leader boards, and incentives.

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Simple & Intuitive

Scan the QR code and place a tip instantly.

Deeper insights on teams, venues and staff 

Scan the unique staff or team QR code

Each staff can carry or wear the QR code during their shift, or you can place the QR code anywhere visible (e.g. on table or with a bill)

Enter fixed amount or custom amount to tip

Simply Enter Tip Amount 

Tip Sent!

Tip is assigned to staff member